I Use That: Komet USA’s PathGlider™ and F360® NiTi endodontic file system help ensure successful root canals

About two years ago, Dr. Joseph de Guzman first began using Komet USA’s F360 NiTi dental burr system.

At that time, he had the opportunity to test two file systems and gave Komet his feedback. He was very excited about the results and since then he has been using Germantown, Wisc. The files in the exercises. He also uses Komet’s PathGlider machine documentation.

Here, Dr. Joseph de Guzman and his office manager, Lisa Piering, outlined how the PathGlider and F360 NiTi endodontic burr systems have made their work easier while benefiting their patients.

Dr. DeGuzman’s evaluation of the PathGlider and F360 NiTi endodontic file system: ”

PathGlider provides a very simple way to create a gliding path. Creating a taxi path so that you can use other files is one of the most important factors for successful root canal preparation.

There is no doubt that PathGlider made me more efficient. It’s just faster. It also cuts very well.

Once you have a slide path, you can easily switch to the F360 file to complete the canal preparation. This system is very effective. The dual file system allows me to get adaptive sizes very quickly and is very easy to use.

These documents may reduce my cleaning time by half. They cut very well, they still maintain the shape of the canal, and they are very effective in transitioning from documents to documents. You can get the optimal size you need very quickly, that is, 35, and the number of files is less than the normal number.

Until you reach the age of 35, you cannot clean the passive movement of the solution. It can quickly and efficiently get the very few files that you want to reach vertex size.

These documents also benefit our patients because they lead to less talk time. The process of cleaning and shaping is much faster. I don’t think many patients really know what happened during root canal preparation, but some of my patients have already evaluated its end speed.

I tested the files in practice for about six months. The only thing I can comment on is their efficiency. Since then, they have been part of my armament. I even began to leave a late-stage cleaning and shaping solution in space because I was doing much faster than before. These files are very effective, but it really saves you a lot of time. They allow you to reach the ideal size you absolutely need at the top of your canal space to ensure cleanliness.

I like to have fewer files. The F360 NiTi dental pulp virus file is very efficient and saves us a lot of time. Because it is a dual file system, we also have fewer files for storage and retention.

These documents also benefit our patients because they shorten the opening hours.

F360 Nickel-Titanium Endodontic File System

The F360TM disposable endodontic file provides two files for root canal preparation. Due to the Double-STM file design, cutting efficiency can be improved. It is said that the sharp cutting angle and large chip space ensure that the debris is removed and the preparation time is greatly shortened. The file can be used for most root canal anatomies, and disposable instruments reduce the risk of fracture due to cyclic fatigue and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.

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