i-CAT FLX V8–Expanding Options for General Dentists

3D CBCT imaging can play an important role in many procedures that often require specialized treatment outside of my office. This is why I recently invested in an i-CAT ™ FLX V8 3D imaging system.

3D provides me with anatomical landmarks such as nerves, sinuses and bones for precise diagnosis. However, not all 3D systems are the same. When I sent the patient to an imaging center and the results were inconsistent, I was frustrated, so I invested in I-CAT.

In addition, no internal scanner delayed the treatment of my patients. Sometimes the invisible infection on 2D X-rays does not take more than the necessary time to be untreated. With my quick and comprehensive diagnosis, I can now take emergency treatment now. Even non-urgent care patients can see and accept my advice more easily when they see a clear image on a 55-inch monitor, and sometimes we can start the treatment on the same day.

I talked with my colleagues and visited other offices to see their units in action. I chose i-CAT FLX V8 for the following reasons:

“There’s an I-CAT that differentiates between exercises and contests, and my patients are as surprised as I know about the details of their teeth.”
The system captures the vision of the area I now need – two complete arches and sinus.
Image quality is very good and consistent.
It is scalable. I can use it for dental implants, bone grafts, sinus surgery, tooth extraction and root canal surgery, especially for molars. In the future, I want to expand my practical services, including sleep disorders, airway obstruction and orthodontics. When I am ready, I can extend my unit’s capabilities to a larger perspective through a half-day technical visit.
The unit includes a traditional panoramic X-ray option, so I can completely replace my old 2D pans.
The scanner has an open software platform, so I exported the file to my implant planning software. This makes the conversion easier – I can still use my software until converted
To Tx STUDIO ™ software.
This unit accommodates patients of all shapes and sizes. I used to encounter the problem of taller or larger patients in the panorama. The V8 also helps those who can not move their shoulders well enough and is wide enough for wheelchair users.
It offers many options for reducing radiation exposure – the QuickScan + settings for 3D scanning are comparable to 2D panoramic X-rays.
Affordability – the system is around $ 90,000 and has a very flexible payment option.
The two-day training was intense but very comprehensive; my staff and I were easily speed-up.
i-CAT system is manufactured in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, USA. This is very important to me.
There is an I-CAT that differentiates between exercises and contests. My patients were surprised at the details of their teeth. V8 gives us confidence in the progress and outcome of the treatment.

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