How To Fix Your Broken Teeth?

One of the most dreaded events in many adults’ lives is a dentist visit. In fact, just the thought of oral care is enough to make some patients cringe or even avoid the dentist altogether. Others do not keep regular appointments because they do not know how to obtain affordable dental coverage. While avoiding regular oral maintenance can eventually lead to serious problems, immediate dental coverage is even more important if you suddenly experience a broken tooth.

Situations when teeth can crack or fracture:

A fall or hit in the mouth

Biting down very hard on something

Weakening of enamel by tooth decay

Some fractures result in intense pain, but others have symptoms which are less acute. Regardless of the severity of your pain, broken teeth need to be fixed in a timely manner, and without breaking the bank! An affordable discount plan can help provide you the emergency dental coverage you need.

When should I visit the dentist for my broken tooth?

You should head to the dentist if you notice twinges of pain when consuming food and drinks that are very hot or very cold, or if you have severe, lingering pain in the tooth, a potential sign of nerve damage.

First of all, you should never use your teeth for other purposes other than chewing because some people would use their teeth to bite wires and other hard objects. Second, always have protection for your teeth. Remember to wear a mouth guard when playing sports. Lastly, keep a close watch on your hygiene. Brushing your teeth after every meal is as important as eating the meal itself. If possible, gargle regularly since the germs are not only contained in between your teeth.

Broken teeth are not a cause for panic. However, it is not a trivial matter to be ignored. Fractured teeth normally cause severe or short stabbing pain especially when exposed to hot or cold temperature. This is because the damage has made it to the nerve. In some cases, fractured teeth do not hurt. That is because only the outer covering of the teeth, the enamel, is damaged. Even though only a small part of the teeth is broken, you must still see your dentist. Usually, the small crack or fracture may lead to bigger cracks. The teeth are more vulnerable to breaking if it is already damaged.

If you break your teeth, always keep the lose pieces and clean them well. There is a possibility that your dentist may be able to cement it back to your teeth. Immediately visit your dentist. If not possible, then purchase temporary cement available in most drugstores. Quickly apply the cement to prevent the fracture from getting worse. If there is pain, take pain relievers or apply cold packs to the damaged area.

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