How can I get rid of my bad breath?

So I was very interested in bad breath, because as an Arizona dentist, I did smell a bad smell. Some of my patients will also ask questions about bad breath.
Some of the questions about dental handpiece I get are about what causes bad breath and all the problems that eventually lead to the only problem everyone wants to know – how can I get rid of my bad breath?
Some good ways to reduce bad breath or bad breath are as follows:
Use good oral hygiene. Brush your floss twice a day.
Regular visits to the dentist twice a year.
Chew sugar-free gum after meals to help expel any food… More and more.
Don’t smoke.
Drink more water throughout the day.
Remove the tongue from the bacteria with a tongue scraper.
Avoid foods that accentuate your breath.
These things are sure to help you do a lot of things, such as oral hygiene, food, tobacco, dry mouth and alcohol, but these are not real problems. The real culprit was the volatile sulfide (VSCs). VSCs have to do with the causes of bad breath. So how do you get rid of sulfur? Dr. Thomas connelly says the answer is zinc:
You’ve heard of zinc, right? This is the mineral at the end of almost all usda information labels. But it’s not just a very interesting mineral that sounds interesting, starting with the letter Z – it’s actually very effective in reducing and eliminating volatile sulfur compounds, so, eliminating bad breath. As for zinc, the Mayo clinic says, “zinc-containing chewing gum, a zinc solution, seems to reduce bad breath (bad breath) in early studies.” The U.S. national library of medicine national institutes of health conducted a study to dental equipment, and wrote: “chew contains zinc acetate and magnolia extract sugar gum can significantly reduce oral VSC levels more than an hour.”
So, while you’re visiting me, you may find it useful to chew gum with zinc, or you can find other products that can help you. However, if you haven’t seen me clean my teeth, even zinc – containing gum can only do so much.