Hormonal changes occur throughout the lives of women

Women may cause bloating, irritability, moodiness, and occasional heat shock or emotional emotions. However, according to an article in the May 2009 issue of AGD Impact, the General Dental College (AGD) monthly news magazine, the status of a person’s oral health is hormonal dependence as well.

Hormonal changes occur throughout the lives of women, and the changes in oral health associated with these hormonal changes. Adolescence, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause can all affect women’s oral health.

During puberty, hormonal fluctuations make gums more susceptible to gingivitis. Therefore, gums may appear red and may bleed. During menstruation, women who have a tendency to develop ulcers and cold sores may have a condition that these sores will appear on every menstrual cycle.

Gingivitis may develop during pregnancy. In fact, gingivitis is the most common oral disease associated with pregnancy. During pregnancy, the chemical composition of saliva also changes, thereby reducing the antibacterial ability of saliva. However, sometimes women avoid conducting dental exams because they fear that treatment may harm developing babies. In fact, untreated decayed teeth may put the mother and her baby at risk of infection.

Some women also have dry mouth during pregnancy. “Because too little saliva will make it easier for you to form cavities, it is important to be alert to the dentist’s symptoms,” said Gigi Meinecke, AGD spokesman, DDS, FAGD. “Regular drinking of water and the use of toothpaste that does not contain a sodium laurel sulfate desiccant can play a role, and avoiding alcohol-containing mouthwashes is important because they can be very dry,” she added.

Menopause can be accompanied by some oral diseases. Dr. Meinecke said: “Symptoms include dry mouth, altered taste, pain and burning sensation.” Patients with these symptoms should see their dentist rule out other causes and receive treatment advice, “she added.

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