Futudent introduces dentistry’s first miniature 4K camera

The new proCam can be mounted on a magnifying glass or a chair light.

Futudent tripled its product portfolio with the introduction of two new cameras, microCam and proCam. These latest innovations represent Futudent’s commitment to bring video excellence to every dental professional. Video helps Dental Care providers to explain and document more easily than ever before. This in turn helps patients better understand fears and provide better decisions for their treatment.

The new PROCAM is said to be the world’s first miniature 4K (3840X2160 @ 30fps/13Mpix stills) dental camera and can be fitted with a magnifier or chair light. It aims to capture stunning video and high-quality photography without interrupting the program and allowing the doctor to focus on the patient.

The new microCam is an ultra-lightweight 18 gram camera designed for portable magnifier POV shooting. It provides clear Full HD (1080p30) images from professional Sony IMX sensors. These two new products join eduCam and set the latest and latest standards for dental video technology.

LarsKahre, the founder of Futudent, said: “We are proud to be able to change the rules of the game again, to innovate new and powerful ways to help dentists better communicate and record than ever before. The world’s video becomes more and more in the way of educating patients and communicating with the treatment team. The more popular it is, and it is an excellent documentation tool.Fudent is dedicated to improving the dentistry experience of doctors and patients, and proCam and microCam can adapt to all the daily dental workflows in practice.”

PROCAM video has become an integral part of today’s dental education. Educators and learners use video presentation techniques to assess, record and present at universities, chief executives and private training. Futudent supports these applications and extends the same benefits to private practice. Video helps dentists more intuitively record and interpret cases and treatments to patients and colleagues than mirrors and still cameras. Dentist
Knowing that patients who understand their treatment plans are more likely to receive new treatment options. Video is the easiest way to review patient treatment and can even send visual consultation directly to their smart handpieces.

All Futudent cameras are designed for magnifiers, chair lights or flexible arms, each with different advantages depending on the application. At 18 grams, microCam is suitable for magnifier installation throughout the day. The 26-gram ProCam can also be placed on a magnifying glass, but its high 4K resolution means that you can use digital zoom to capture clear, unblended close-up videos and photos from chair lights. eduCam offers a good compromise between price and performance.

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