Don’t Contaminate—Separate!

When you think of the types of companies that are notorious for pollution, you might think of pictures of power plants and refineries.
But dental equipment clinics are also a source of environmental pollution. Dental mercury contains mercury, and if not handled properly, mercury will end up in the air and water supply. Amalgam is used for patient safety in its solid state; This is a discharge version that brings health risks.
How much risk?
According to the environmental protection agency, the dental clinic is the largest source of mercury in sewage treatment plants. The epa says sewage treatment plants can remove about 90 percent of mercury, but the rest is in the environment, where it can accumulate in fish and shellfish we eat. Mercury exposure is associated with various neurological diseases, particularly in children and developing fetuses.
The U.S. environmental protection agency (EPA) study for more than 10 years of the dangers of mercury, lead to a new regulation, take effect in July, for dental clinics, schools and clinics for municipal sewage treatment plant emissions amalgam separator.
A mercury separator collects and stores dental debris, dental mercury and mercury from dental supplies waste into a container, while filtered water continues through its existing processes.
Whether you have an existing practice, and the need to comply with, or if you have a new practice, and want to start from the processing of mercury, you might want to consider Solmetex NXT Hg5 Amalgam separator. NXT Hg5 meets or exceeds all state and federal amalgam removal guidelines. And it’s the company’s most popular choice. There are three modes; The standard is the most popular size, which can hold up to 10 chairs and can be installed on the floor or wall.
When NXT Hg5 collection containers to reach all line (or 12 months), you can simply removed from the amalgam separator full container collection, cap, it should be packaged to the Solmetex recycle toolkit, and UPS shipping label ( The container will be shipped to epd’s approved recycling facility for proper and safe recycling. The recovery kit contains a new collection container, so the practice has never been without a new collection container in preparation. NXT Hg5 is free of charge and has a flexible design for wet and dry vacuum systems.
Don’t delay compliance; Mercury exposure is not a myth, and dentists can be the environmental heroes we need.