Do You Have This Bad Habit?

Contrary to common belief, teeth clenching or bruxism is not exclusive to hyperactive kids who cannot sleep at night. Adults and young people both experience this due to many reasons. Nonetheless, experts in the dental and medical field can summarize these reasons into three – stress, aggressive behavior and abnormal teeth alignment.

Involuntary bruxism which usually transpires at night is attributed to stress. Oftentimes, a stressed person is incapable of getting quantity and quality sleep at night. As he feels restless, his body naturally tosses in bed while his pearly whites gnash harder. A person can get stressed out because of too much work or because of unhealthy lifestyle.

Teeth clenching can also be caused by aggressive behavior. When a person suppresses his anger or frustration, he ends up grinding his pearly whites while closing his fists real tight. In movies, characters who are unable to express their deep feelings by shouting or by hurting the person who caused the hurtful feelings usually end up doing this.

Although there are different ways to stop teeth clenching, it is better to adopt natural treatments because they address the condition from the root cause. Below are some of the ways to address it naturally:

Taking a lot of minerals and vitamins can help your adrenal gland function properly, and thereby fight against stress that may lead to teeth grinding.
Get involved in certain exercises that will train your jaw not to clench during sleeping by positioning the tip of your tongue between your teeth.

Relax your jaw, especially at night by simply holding a warm washcloth against your cheek in front of your earlobe

Maintain a healthy eating habit and lifestyle by avoiding alcohol intake, avoiding foods or drinks that contain caffeine.

Use biofeedback and lots of vitamins

Relax and avoid anything that might lead to tension.

The unnatural means to stop teeth clenching include:

Pain medication- this includes the intake of prescribed drugs to reduce the pain. This method has a lot of side-effects that may lead to liver or withdrawal symptoms.

Mouth guards- involve the use of a guard or splint to prevent the lower and the upper jaws from coming in contact with each other. This method is expensive, and can be irritating sometimes.

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