Distinctive Advantage

Practicing dentistry in today’s economic environment is as challenging as the 25 years I practiced. The pressure to provide the need and selective treatment to fewer patients can sometimes seem overwhelming. In order to survive and develop during these challenging economic times, dentists must do and diversify like businesses outside of dentistry. Diversification means providing more products, answering the needs of our patients under one roof, and letting them say “yes” to the health and beauty of the office.

Laser dentistry is a great way to please and impress your patients in the areas of treatment, surgical dentistry, hygiene and cosmetic dentistry.

Over the past 8 years, I have invested in dental lasers, which has increased the diversity of my dental products and helped me through the economic downturn. There are lasers in my bathroom and operating room. I am grateful for the extra production, comfort and effectiveness they provide. Dental lasers are the ultimate goal of minimally invasive treatment and allow each patient to feel their sense of touch.

Let’s take a look at the various applications of lasers in each dental office starting with the new patient exam. Spend time telling patients they are in a special dental clinic. Show them laser or laser photos, and when they walk into your practice or check the operating room, you must use lasers for their benefit (emphasizing the patient’s interest). It’s easy for the team to do this when it comes to health history or X-rays. Over the years, laser eye surgery has left a deep impression on patients, and now they are impressed by the latest comfort laser equipment in your office. Less than 10% of dentists practice laser dentistry, and you should distinguish yourself as a special person. All of this helps build trust and patient acceptance during your new patient exam.

When your exam is complete and you explain the treatment plan, the laser will help your patient decide to take the treatment because you can perform routine dental treatments in a more minimally invasive manner. Starting with effective dentistry, you can tell your patients that their tooth decay can be done without a local anesthetic. The patient hated needles and complaining about the dental handpiece. The Biolase Waterlase MD Turbo tissue laser allows me to perform more than 50% of surgical dental procedures without shooting. The patient likes to complete filling, drilling sounds and numb lips without stinging and stinging. More treatment acceptance and referral will lead to the conclusion that it is usually not necessary to fire or drill during treatment.

Not all laser dental surgery needs to be done by you. Your health worker can provide laser comfort, treatment acceptance and additional production. Health departments often become places where people “clean”. Diode lasers provide the hygienist with a special tool to make your office stand out in the patient’s mind. Your health department can provide dental care and optional laser disinfection based on routine preventive measures. Medical professionals and the general public now receive the same bacteria that causes the plaque in the mouth to cause arterial plaque. Diode laser dentistry kills nearly 100% of bacteria in periodontal pockets. This is better for your patient’s gums and heart. In addition to the traditional root plan, laser peeling and decontamination give your hygienist a tool to get better treatment without sagging the drug and killing it with a very successful bacteria. If properly explained and understood, patients will pay for this more effective anti-gingival disease at their own expense. Suddenly your hygienist is excited and your product has increased because the new product is “diversified”.

Aesthetic dentistry was a “diversity” of dentistry 15 years ago. Dental lasers can help you become a more diversified cosmetic dentist. In general, more than 50% of cosmetics can be enhanced by laser contouring and skeletal contouring. Gingival resection and closed flap cosmetic crown extensions will make your smile remodeling and veneer from good to excellent. This laser (Waterlase MD Turbo) method can be completed on the same day that you prepare and temporarily use it. During or after treatment, your patient feels free and his gums heal. Laser chewing gum readjusting can keep your patients and income in your office unchanged. The cosmetic effect is better because the contours of the chewing gum are correct, which makes your veneers symmetric. This procedure cannot be completed in 2 appointments because it takes at least 6 weeks for the treatment to be cured.

Practice in a challenging economic environment requires the creativity of doctors and the use of principles other than dental to survive and develop. Laser dentistry is a great way to please and impress your patients in the areas of treatment, surgical dentistry, hygiene and cosmetic dentistry. Lasers provide a way to diversify your exercise and keep your patients inside, which can enhance your bottom line and keep your practice healthy.

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