Digital Sensors – Not All Are Created Equal

As I move from traditional movies to digital X-rays, I look forward to all the benefits of digital imaging. At that time I did not realize that not all digital imaging systems are equal.

My first digital sensor was a popular brand and we upgraded to a newer version. No sensor seems to produce a clear image that I used to make good movies. After that, I turned to the cheaper sensor. Unfortunately, my patient reported discomfort due to the sensor edge, and the image quality did not improve. A few months later, I was still not satisfied, and I remembered the DEXIS ™ image I got from my colleague. That was when I purchased the DEXIS ™ Platinum system.

My staff and I finally realized the excellent image I enjoyed from my colleagues at DEXIS. This translates into a better diagnosis. For example, when I see nearby decay on occlusal surfaces, I often do not see it on X-rays. I will re-appoint patients, paralyze them, open the cavity, and take a photo to record the decay through the enamel. With my clearer DEXIS image, I can see this and I have a chance to catch the dental problem as soon as possible. I can also use ClearVu ™ to make these excellent images clearer.

DEXIS Platinum is a single-size sensor. This very interesting size is suitable for all situations and for all patients.
Digital sensors – Not all things are equal
In my opinion, platinum sensor there are several other advantages. In the past, we had to deal with several sensor sizes. DEXIS Platinum is a single-size sensor. This very interesting size is suitable for all situations and for all patients.

Our patients are not reporting well now. My staff and I have taken our pictures and felt different. This is helpful, especially in hard-to-reach areas such as the first mitral or tine pulp disease. Compared with other systems, we have fewer re-acquisitions. Bracket system is very reasonable, logical and easy to use.

Organization is simple, fast and efficient. There is no problem importing images from my previous system to my DEXIS software. Now that the X-rays are next to the chart, I can choose to display any image I want on a single screen. I can click a mouse on a screen for several years to see all the patient’s bites. With the old image processing software, I had to click on the bite-wing and search for a long list. I can only see one set at a time, or click back and forth.

I hope dentists are both conservative and cautious and are frustrated by the current system and they will make changes. I predict they will be happy. This is a huge improvement in the quality of diagnostic imaging and a big problem for any dental practice.

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