Diameter and Material

The introduction of the Ultrasonic Scaler increases the ability of the dental hygienist to contact the root surface in the periodontal pocket. Microtips can now be provided for better access to periodontal pockets, proximal regions and furcations. DENTSPLY professional make THINsert ®, allow clinicians to clear in low to medium strength of the region and gum tissue fibrosis. THINsert magnetostrictive ultrasonic inserting 47% thinner than DENTSPLY FSI slimline ® insert and including 9 ° lame improve into the region of the gum. Vista dental products produce mini Curette piezoelectric techniques, with extra thin blades and short shanks, with six designs and compatible with any piezoelectric units. Other new skills can be in the design of thin piezoelectric scaling techniques including Hu – IQ Friedy symmetric ®, Hu – Friedy rotating flow directly ® ultrasonic inserting, discus dental perspective to make insert, and Parkell Burnett Power – Tip ™ redesign function longer, slim Tip.
Two lines of hints have been introduced, which are made of different materials to provide specific functions. From heaven the scorpion dental technology (PDT) piezoelectric prompt, coated with titanium, titanium acid seems to be the gold, so the dental hygienist can be easily noticed that when the tip is wear and tear, need to change from time to time. They are also very thin and are designed to facilitate access to the proximal region. The American eagle’s Infinitips is made with the company’s XP technology, which is designed to produce and retain a very sharp edge. The Infinitips are designed to keep them in shape, which helps with ultrasound adjustment.
New ultrasonic unit technology
In addition to cutting-edge design, many manufacturers have improved their ultrasound scalers to facilitate operator ergonomics, visualization and treatment. Zila Pro – Select platinum ® piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler and an enclosed syringe characteristics of multi – fluid systems, provides three options for irrigation, hands-free pedal control, a lightweight head, can use a generic skills, in all patients. Units including advanced technology ™ design requires less comfortable pressure enough deposit move not to increase the discomfort of patients, and may reduce the local anesthetic was debridement process needs. The toilet paper includes an LED that aims to improve the vision of a clinician, without causing an increase in calories.
Satelec Suprasson ® P Max Newtron XS piezoelectric element is a multi-function counter can be used in the process of periodontal and endodontics. Unit contains SP Newtron ™ technology to identify tip frequency and can automatically adapt to the current resistance testing instrument. It includes a multifunctional rheostat that can initiate irrigation and select one of four power modes. Unit design includes a head equipped with Peek ® shell and lighting system, another optional irrigation tool has two separate containers. The unit also contains a color-coded system to select the required Settings and ensure that the power supply is automatically controlled.
The NSK/Brasseler USA Varios 750 Lux multi-functional piezoelectric ultrasonic system is also versatile, including changing water sources in dental equipment. The system also allows clinicians to use memory keys to store preferences.
Hu – friedy has two new ultrasound units, including a symmetric IQ and a shift to v3. The symmetric IQ is 2000 series, 3000 series, 4000 series of multi-functional piezoelectric devices. The 3,000 touchpad controls have three color-coded power modes and one memory feature. The 4000 series includes an independent, large-capacity irrigation supply and a switch that allows clinicians to change the water supply. The device also has fiber optic lighting and a large diameter, lightweight hand piece. This new type of anti-magnetostrictive ultrasound device is designed to meet ergonomic design, including the grip of the comfort zone, to ensure the control of the relaxation of the clinician. It has a wide range of energy Settings, from very low to high power. It can be used for high power standard large inserts to quickly and effectively remove stones and reduce the risk of tartar.