Dentsply Sirona introduces new feature for Intego Pro

It is reported that the integrated endodontic function enables greater intuitionistic endodontic treatment with greater comfort and safety.

Maintaining natural teeth for as long as possible is the goal of patients and practitioners. In order to address this need, dental pulp has become a true high-tech subject in the dental field in recent years. It has been reported that the “reciprocating file system” endodontic function enables intuitive endodontic treatment with greater comfort and safety and can be easily applied to endodontists as well as other professionals.

Ergonomic and time-saving endodontic treatment

Intego Pro and Intego Pro Ambidextrous integrate reciprocation to work with Dentsply Sirona Endodontics (WAVE ONE) and VDW (RECIPROC) file systems. Reciprocal files can be selected and controlled through the treatment center’s user interface. This is designed to allow ergonomic and time-saving endodontics for greater comfort and safety.

Root canal preparation for reciprocation is currently considered the safest and easiest way in the market. Together with ApexLocator, customers are considered to benefit from accurate, safe and simple endodontics. EasyTouch displays are required for using the shuttle file system.

“The new features further enhance Intego Pro’s performance,” said Susanne Schmidinger, head of product management at Dentsply Sirona Treatment Centers. “Reciprocating file system capabilities are a great opportunity for our existing new customers.”

Coming soon, at no additional cost

New firmware V2.5 with new features is now free to download from the Dentsply Sirona Dealer section. New devices already containing Endo functionality have been ordered and delivered.

New 22 “monitor

Another feature of the treatment center is to replace the current monitor with a new 22-inch monitor. New monitor features include continuous glass surfaces to promote better infection prevention.

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