Dentsply Sirona Implants to their portfolio at IDS

The implant treatment process involves many steps – from imaging and diagnosis, treatment planning and implantation surgery to abutment selection, repair solutions and patient follow-up. At IDS, Dentsply Sirona Implants offers several new solutions for their already extensive product portfolio to further support the day-to-day work of dental professionals.

Implant Solutions – SmartFix Concept

According to reports, SmartFix is ​​a therapeutic concept that provides an instant fixed total arch prosthesis for edentulous patients, supported by only four implants. The SmartFix concept was designed to include an angled abutment and a short and flexible abutment stand for ease of operation. It is said that the choice of the angle through which the screw enters the channel through the prosthesis is open to ideal aesthetics and functionality.

This concept is a simple and economical treatment that aims to provide patients with higher treatment satisfaction and practical growth for dental professionals. SmartFix is ​​now available for the Astra Tech Implant System EV product line, including the Profile EV. SmartFix is ​​already available for Xive and Ankylos implant systems.

For less bone enlargement

About 40% of the implants had a tilted alveolar ridge after healing. The OsseoSpeed ​​Archive EV Implant (Astra Technology Implant System) is a uniquely shaped, patented implant specifically designed for this preclinical clinical situation. It is designed to follow the natural shape of the bone, supporting the soft tissue by maintaining 360 degrees of marginal bone around the implant. It is reported that it can help eliminate the need for bone augmentation surgery; when using the OsseoSpeed ​​Profile implant, 58% of all tilted implant sites need less reinforcement.

The latest published results of OsseoSpeed ​​Profile implants show bone preservation, increased soft tissue volume, and keratinized mucosal recovery in patients with compromised soft tissue conditions. Dr. Robert Nölken, one of the authors of the PD study, explained: “In our study follow-up, we saw a significant improvement in soft tissue around the implant. This allowed us to obtain good aesthetic results for thin biotype patients.” This prospective During a 2-year follow-up, a multicenter study investigated the survival rate of OsseoSpeed ​​Profile EV implants, which were placed on the healing site of the posterior mandible after soft and hard tissue maintenance. (The study included 24 centers, 184 patients, and 238 implants).

Digital Support Screw Fixing Solution

The Atlantis CustomBase solution combines Atlantis abutments and Atlantis Crown with screw holes. The crown is fixed on the abutment and all teeth are fixed to the implant, and it is said that potential complications due to excessive cement can be avoided. The crown can be designed in the customer’s own software by ordering a unique digital file with a screw hole.

Since Virtual Atlantis Design (VAD) software takes into account the absence of tooth space and the surrounding tooth and soft tissue anatomy, the Atlantis CustomBase solution is said to be a high-quality single-screw screw retention solution that provides a patient-specific core height design and performs Optimized retention and design. According to reports, this provides the result of replicating natural tooth function and aesthetics. In addition, the Atlantis Customization Base solution is designed to provide tailored profiles for the location of material interfaces that enhance soft tissue management and consider biological principles. The Atlantis CustomBase solution is suitable for single-tooth, screw-fixed restorations on all major implant systems.

The upcoming integrated connectivity between Atlantis WebOrder and Sirona Connect SW is designed to provide easy access to all Atlantis base station solutions for CEREC Omnicam users. Use the ScanPost or Atlantis IO FLO to take digital impressions.

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