Dental Care Evangelist

Whitening and bonding, crown and plywood – these are typical dental procedures for dentists. But Dr. Edward Wilson has adopted a more holistic approach to dental health, which is defined in his professional credo: “dentistry from the heart to the heart.” In addition to training and new hope in New York, Payne. Wilson is Tabasamu (swahili “smile”), the founder of the this is a nonprofit outreach projects, for countries such as Kenya, Guatemala and Haiti with dental health education and preventive health care services.
“After more than five years of providing free dental supplies care services to these communities, we have realized that without the education people, we will not change the face of the disease,” he said. “This work has proven to be the driving force behind the Tabasamu task.” Here, Dr. Cui shares his story.
My health path: my desire to become a dentist began with a love of sculpture and pottery. When I was 13, I wanted to be a sculptor, “when I was growing up,” but my father said something about the choice and the lack of practicality. At the age of 14, after rethinking, I observed a local dentist in his office to see if I was interested in the artistic intelligence of dentistry. At that time, I was teaching the children how to swim, the dentist left unceasingly, took his daughter to go swimming class, I appreciate his dedication and commitment to time of the family, at the same time also in dental practice. To make a long story short, I think dentistry is a god for my art. I like working with people, my scientific talent.
My call to service: in Sunday school, I was taught that “many things are given to me, and many are necessary”, which is the beginning of my desire to help the world. In 1995, I had the pleasure to spend a month in Africa, most of the time is spent in a remote village, where I saw the complete lack of dental preventive education, extremely serious dental health and dental care. In 2004, I decided to follow my heart and go to Kenya with one of my spiritual mentors to provide free dental care. Tabasamu went to Kitale, Kenya for the first time in May 2005. Although our equipment and supplies at the customs delayed two days, but we decided to go to a hospital, churches and schools, providing dental care education, toothbrushes, and learn from people of their attitude, practice and understanding of dental health. It’s a constant challenge to bring your dental health education to the place where there is no dentist.
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My health habit is: it changes every month, but this month is pilates’s job. Last month, it was eating cabbage and kale.
My favorite health hero: Weston Price, a dentist and dietitian, spent decades traveling the world documenting diet and health habits. His book nutrition and physical degradation is a groundbreaking, pioneering and scientific account of his travels, the first dentist to critically understand the relationship between dental health and systemic health.