Cultivating your most important dental relationship

When I recently read some posts on a popular dental BBS, some posts caught my attention. In one case, a dentist was demanding answers to his dilemma, and he used autoclave to buy his product. In another article, a dentist is building a new dental clinic, it makes people upset, because he knew that the vacuum pipe is installed on the top of the head, rather than on the floor of his designated.
From these clues, the two dentists did not establish business relationships with local dental distributors. I’m sure at least they have to build some basic, trading based business relationships with local distributors, but local distributors don’t seem to help much in the current dilemma. These dentists get some good, and some misleading, Suggestions from BBS members. While respondents were concerned about taking the time to respond, none of the BBS participants had any vested interest in the success or happiness of the dentists.
I wonder why local dealers are not involved in solving the problems faced by these dentists? They may not want to ask the dealer’s consul for fear that they might have higher costs. Or past experiences may have shaken their confidence in the distributor’s recommendations. This may be because dentists are uncomfortable seeking help when they are not customers of local dealers. These seem to be the most common reasons to buy dental equipment, revamp dental equipment, or move to a new office. Let’s look at these issues.
Higher cost
It is important to understand and appreciate the distinction between “price” and “cost”. “The price is the amount you pay for the product, such as the device proposal, quote, advertisement or catalogue.” The cost includes prices, including many other factors, including:
1. Labor warranty for work dealers
2. Dealer installation service
3. Distributors’ advice and experience
4. The time you saved during the purchase and installation process
5. Quick, easy and cost-effective solutions to problems that increase or replace dental equipment in your office
You may find that the price of your local full-service distributor is higher than the source price that does not provide the service, but the cost of doing business with the local distributor is usually much lower, given all the factors. Considering your dental clinic of gross domestic product per hour, you don’t need a lot of imagination to enjoy some new equipment, these devices need your personal attention to improve your purchase cost.
Check out the doctor’s autoclave acquisition dilemma, and let’s assume he’s bought a secondhand product from online auctions, and if he buys a new product, his price will be $2,000 lower than it is now. Common sense and experience tell us that he is more likely to encounter problems in autoclave, rather than a new one. This is his only pressure cooker, so when it doesn’t work, how long can he hold it? According to his list of instruments, it could be only half the day’s production. If the office produces $400 an hour, the office loses five hours of production to eliminate any savings. If a doctor buys an automatic package from a local dealer, he is likely to get the product’s support in time to avoid the loss of production.
What about the doctors in that new office? He faces the challenge of installing a vacuum tube. Vacuum performance will be affected if the vacuum tube is not sized and installed properly. Imagine solving the problem after the building is completed! Solving such a problem would have a huge impact on the “cost” of the vacuum system, eliminating any savings from buying a vacuum cleaner from sources that did not provide installation consulting services. Construction and installation advice and supervision from local dealers can prevent such problems from appearing.
Now I don’t do a lot of business with dealers
Just because you don’t do too much business with a dealer doesn’t mean you can’t get help. Stand with the dealers and give them a chance to make money. If you’re not going to buy from them, respect their time and don’t waste it. On the other hand, share your expectations with them and explain what they need to do to win your business. They should be helpful. Reward them when they win your order. Your purchase may be the beginning of a larger and more important business relationship.
Start now!
If you don’t have a business relationship with local dealers to build trust and mutual benefit, then it’s in development. It is critical to your success and to reduce your daily stress. Looking for a distributor, the most important thing is that a sales and technical service personnel, they for dental supplies and equipment products, dental clinical and business aspects, and has knowledge of most interest to you. Interview the sales person and explain the type of business relationship you are looking for and the goals you want to achieve. If you don’t feel like they’re on the same page as you, keep going. With a little thought and effort, you will find someone willing to work with you and help you succeed.
Of course, in this relationship, dealer salespeople and technicians must have good training and experience, and are interested in helping clients success. They must transcend today’s trading opportunities and focus on long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. In my experience, most dealer salespeople understand this “big picture” approach. In the process of developing this relationship, some people are better than others.
If both the dentist in dental BBS for help, they with local distributors to establish this type of business relationship, let them to participate in decision-making, their time consumption and potentially expensive problems may not happen. They certainly don’t spend time on BBS, seeking advice from complete strangers. Life becomes easier and more enjoyable when you have a business partner who CARES about you and helps you succeed.
In the past 30 years, Dave Anderson (Dave Anderson) with one of America’s largest distributor of dental products and services (sales, sales management, marketing, office design services and business management role). He also worked with the world’s largest dental supplies manufacturer for several years. In these abilities, Dave works closely with dentists and understands and appreciates the challenges that dentists face when buying.