Sometimes only one idea and enthusiasm are needed to change your life and career.

This is a family business! John Spencer (right) and son Jason (left) and daughter Amy (center).
If you ask John Spencer, CEO of DCI, he will add that your spouse’s overwhelming support will certainly not be harmed. His wife Janelle worked as a hygienist in a clinic for low-income patients in Portland, Oregon. Together, they know that they have the discipline, motivation, and ability to create a successful business and give back to their communities. As two young parents in 1982, John and Janelle seized the opportunity and risked creating Dental Components Incorporated or DCI because it is what most people know.

Starting from the small home loan, the idea of ​​a syringe and the temporary office in the living room, it gradually grew into a global component giant. Over the years, DCI has purchased a struggling equipment company and, with the help of their children Jason and Amy, Spencer has developed the device line into a thriving success story.

Providing high-quality equipment manufacturing and repair services at an affordable price, and eager to serve the globally underserved communities, makes DCI a leader in the dental industry.
Then in 2005, John decided to sell the equipment business and focus on parts. He and Janelle talk about retirement. slow down. Maybe find some new hobbies. But anyone who knows John will tell you that it will not last long. He was born in creation, innovation and construction. In 2015, the idea of ​​DCI Edge Edge Line was born.

With the ability to create device lines from scratch, the Spencer team attracted their ‘A player’ to develop the product line they wanted to develop. Their ultimate goal is to create the highest quality equipment. They also pay attention to price points because they want a reasonably priced product line. From their experience in the parts business, they also want to simplify the installation, use and maintenance. Today, they have a complete catalogue of cabinets, chairs, units and fixtures that fits the mold. In 2018, they plan to extend the brand to the professional dental market.

Stanley Bergman (left) and John Spencer (center) helped to cut the ribbon at the MUHAS Dental School in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
For years, the Spencer family has never lost altruism and commitment to the community. They partnered with the Garcia Clinic in Virginia to provide equipment donations so that they could serve more than 5,000 patients each year in their home state of Oregon. DCI also provided Mercy Mission with dental replacement parts to keep their 19 mobile medical clinics in service. With the development of the company, its global influence is also expanding. When the existing building was no longer suitable for children, Spencer purchased the home of the Salvador Orphanage. The family is still actively involved in the lives of children and people running facilities. Their largest equipment donation also had more than 40 operating room facilities. They went to the MUHAS dental school in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s only dental school. Spencer’s installation is ongoing, as Amy put it: “There is nothing more incredible than being part of such a project. We are surrounded by people who want to help each other. It is not better than this. “.

Even now, John did not show signs of slowing. He needs to improve the lives of dentists, patients and everyone around them. This is a driving force that he obviously passed to Jason and Amy. Together, the three of them motivated a team that is proud of quality, innovation and success.

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