Communication software

Communication between doctors and laboratories is very important, and happily, software vendors provide tools that make this process easier.

“Jeffrey Noles, CEO of LabStar Software, said:” One of the biggest obstacles to the restorative workflow is trying to get information repeatedly as information changes. “ “If you have questions about the case, how easy is it to get in touch with a doctor if you are a dental laboratory? Or if you are the doctor you want to change, how easy is it to contact your laboratory? “

“Communication portals, such as 3Shape Communicate, are critical to the way we communicate with dentists about these cases,” adds Marks. “Although the original design was only designed to transfer the scan from the dentist to the laboratory, the tool has become quite robust and can preview the case before starting, propose the design before manufacturing and seek approval, and keep a digital record of the entire treatment plan. It can be viewed in a CAD program, viewed through a web browser or a smart phone, allowing me to stay away from the physical limitations of the lab and allow me to leave the scene more and more. ”


How to ensure the security of the mind is not an exaggeration. HIPAA violations may result in penalties of between $100 and $50,000 per violation, so these violations may add up if violated.

To avoid security breaches, Noles recommends using software that includes e-mail functionality to keep your communications secure.

“There are safe, HIPAA-compliant emails,” Noles said. “E-mail does not meet HIPAA standards, by its nature. E-mails often go through some unencrypted area, so you always want to make sure you don’t use regular e-mail.”

Use HIPAA-compliant software to protect doctors and laboratories.

Noles said: “Because it is based on an encryption platform, it will never go through normal email.”


Some restorative cases are more complex than other cases. The more complicated the cases, the more communication between doctors and laboratories. What makes this process easier is software collaboration.

Collaboration tools allow doctors and labs to share pictures, notes, impressions, and more.

“Connecting Dropbox to your lab management software is one thing, so you can share attachments back and forth,” Noles said. “If the doctor wants to send a picture, they can send it via LabStar. They can drag and drop it into the customer portal.

“It’s hard to manage all these details in paper or Excel spreadsheets,” he added.

The tools and techniques handled by doctors and laboratories vary from simple to very complex. Everyone has their own role in the doctor’s workflow in the lab, and knowing how everything fits together can increase the care of the dental professional for each professional knowledge and position.

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