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Brasseler USA releases disposable diamond-coated polishers

The VersaFlexTM diamond-coated disposable polishing system is designed to promote aesthetics and ease of use.

Brasseler USA ® introduces the foundation, plastic bite and the new VERSAFLEX polished new SpinTM Diamond Coating disposable polishing system.

Unlike traditional Mylar® (plastic) polishing, VERSAFLEX is equipped with a durable diamond coating than traditional alumina coated polishing machines and is said to offer many advantages.

VersaFlex’s diamond coating smooths all surface irregularities gently but effectively. The coating design strongly and easily eliminates rough exterior areas caused by adjustments and finishes while leaving a high-gloss, aesthetically pleasing appearance on any repair material.

The VersaFlex’s flexible design is designed to fit the individual contours of each tooth, providing access to hard-to-reach locations such as tight interproximal areas. In addition, VersaFlex can be used for a variety of repair materials, including composite materials, all-ceramic materials and metal restorations.

The VersaFlex four-step polishing system consists of two diamond-coated Mylar strips, each of which is equipped with two diamond abrasive grain options: Super-thick/Rough or Medium/Fine. The VersaFlex polisher is also available in two sizes: 12mm and 10mm. Each polishing plate is stuck on a right-angle lock or a straight low-speed mobile phone spindle.

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Brushing Teeth Is One Of Most Important Oral Habits

No one on earth wishes to have a bad breath or rotten smelly teeth. It sets a really bad impression on the people around you. To some, the most annoying thing is to have a sleeping partner with sleep apnea. However, those who do not give importance to their oral hygiene are disliked by many. This is reason why dentists throughout the world emphasize on regular brushing. If you leave your teeth without proper cleaning, they will be susceptible to various diseases. This is even worse than the alignment problem of your teeth. In which case, you can resort to invisalign. The big question here is what is the importance of teeth cleaning?

You may have come across people who always have some excuses for not brushing their teeth. What they fail to realize is that this is an important part of dental health. Just by regular brushing, you can prevent the painful cavities and other gum diseases. The root of the cause here is plaque.

Many of you might have noticed a sticky layer that forms on your teeth. This layer known as plaque is formed by accumulation of food debris and bacteria. Brushing your teeth helps in breaking this layer to give clean teeth, and gums along with fresh breath. Therefore, brushing is vital to oral hygiene.

It is important to establish a program for brushing with dental lab equipment. All the teeth should be perfectly clean and you will not move the brush wherever you want. In dental rooms the so-called “controlled brushing” is practiced, which allows the dentist and the patient to see how the teeth should be brushed and how efficient it is. This brushing aims to motivate people maintain their oral hygiene correctly. It is vital to show this to young children in order to teach them how to take care of their teeth. This will save many problems and dentist visits.

It is necessary to change your toothbrush at least every three months. The colorful toothbrushes should be changed when the hairs fade.

Along with the toothbrush, the toothpaste and ultrasonic cleaner has also different varieties. They can be herbal, healing, prescribed by dentists, cosmetic, for everyday use and more. We can just divide them into two main categories-those that prevent tooth decay and those that prevent periodontal (gum) diseases. A very important thing is that you should change the paste often with a paste of different ingredients. Thus the microbes will not accustom to it.

When you get used to take care of your teeth at home, you will decrease the visits to your dentist. You will also not worry about darkened teeth or bad breath.