Caring for Your Implant

Dental implants have been used for years. If you keep these things in mind, your implants will last for a long time.
This is one of the biggest risks associated with plant-related complications. Therefore, you should try to quit smoking.
Oral health
Thorough cleaning and care of implants is very important in all steps of treatment. It’s important to watch your oral hygiene every day for the survival of your implants.
It’s also important to check your dental check-up regularly. You and your dental team must determine the frequency of these visits, but usually three to six months apart. During these visits, your implants, teeth and gums are examined and professionally cleaned, including areas you can’t reach at home. A professional implant cleaning is more complex than cleaning a tooth, which means it takes longer and may require special instruments.
Mucosal inflammation and periarthritis can develop without obvious symptoms. That’s another reason why checking your dentist regularly is so important. Mucosal inflammation and periarthritis usually do not cause pain, so patients often fail to notice the development of these diseases.
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