Can a Sterilization Center Save Your Staff Time?

In dental clinics, disinfection is part of an important but time-consuming day-to-day job. Naturally, a central disinfection center can maximize flow, efficiency and material turnover.

But let us go further. The disinfection center should reflect a process-based design system: a system that follows a streamlined process to ensure that materials and instruments are properly sanitised and kept sterile during storage. For example, consider the A-decInspire® disinfection center.

A-dec Inspire follows the recommended disinfection center CDC protocol to create a safe, consistent process and streamline material flow. The layout grouped related steps and strategically grouped according to CDC guidelines with designated locations for receiving and cleaning, preparing and packaging, disinfecting and storing. It helps to ensure that the entire team follows the same steps, which inevitably helps increase productivity.

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