CAD/CAM Means More Possibilities for the Patient

Digital Dentistry Three-dimensional dental preparation is performed using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). You can then create the prosthesis in one of two ways: using design software, milling in an office milling system, or sending it to a lab for dental restoration. Although dental laboratories are early adopters of digital dentistry, dental clinics are now moving in this direction.

At first I was skeptical about this new technology, but I heard how much my colleagues were doing with CAD / CAM and knew it might be a step toward taking my practice to a new level. There are two complete CAD / CAM solutions on the market that create a great healing experience. I did some extensive research and eventually I chose to buy the Planmeca FIT system, and I’ve never looked back.

One of the biggest features is Planmeca’s open platform that gives me the freedom to work together and give me more opportunities. From being able to handle multiple users’ cases in the office to sending work to off-site labs, this open platform allows easy collaboration and sharing of information at any stage of the workflow – not to mention the ability to quickly transfer large STL files To any of these users. Patient experience and team experience have also been greatly improved at my dental clinic. We all know patients are tired of taking time to see a dentist, but taking a day off is not that bad.

“One of the biggest features is Planmeca’s open platform, which gives me the freedom to work together and give me more opportunities.”
But for those who need a wider range of dental care, it’s almost impossible to rest for many days. Patients expect faster turnaround times and no better feeling than giving them their day’s dental service with the Planmeca FIT system. My team appreciates the same dentistry as the patient. Although my team loves to use CAD / CAM tools, patients also enjoy the benefits of being aware of the repairer and can see the restoration in front of them. I am proud of the quality of the recovery, and patients often praise the restored look of my team.

However, this is not easy. Teams must work hard to continually improve their skills through training and education, all provided by Planmeca University. From basic courses to more advanced technologies, Planmeca University offers all the tools for digital dental in my team.

From two years of maintenance to shorter waiting times, lower lab costs, and lower material costs, I’ve added a CAD / CAM system in practice, saving a considerable amount of money. I encourage anyone interested in digital dentistry to apply for a presentation at your office. If you are impressed by the presentation, be sure to schedule a visit to the Planmeca University Training Center in Dallas for the ultimate in digital restoration techniques. This CAD / CAM system is a miracle for my office and I believe the Planmeca FIT system works for anyone who wants to upgrade their practice and take advantage of this new technology.

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