Brasseler USA introduces Winter Restorative Concepts diamond bur line

The complete series was designed by leading dental prosthetic expert and master ceramicist Dr. Robert Winter.

Brasseler USA®, a leading manufacturer of quality inspection instruments, is pleased to introduce the concept of winter repairs to home emery and perfect instruments. The Winter Restoration Concepts series was designed by Brassier USA, a leading restoration expert and master pottery expert Dr. Robert Winter, to provide the most extensive crown, bridge and veneer preparation and design for the anterior and posterior regions. The most predictable result.

Depth-limited Winter Burs was originally developed by Dr. Winter specifically for front teeth veneers and places great emphasis on individual tooth forms and shadows. Now, the winter repair concept is considered to be the most widespread indication and is a series of progressive, complete diamond and shoulder edge refinement tools.

Specifically, the winter repair concept series includes:

Depth limit winter diamonds
The three-layer front depth limit diamond drill bit is available in four different depths to create a suitable space for material and shadow changes, and includes a guide pin for improved accuracy.
The 2-layer rear depth limit diamond drill has three different depths designed to create the space required for material and shadow changes and includes a guide pin to increase accuracy.

Depth-Constrained Diamond is equipped with a new multi-bone bone design that is said to provide superior controllable depth reduction for cutting edges and lingual and posterior occlusal surfaces. Depth-limited diamonds provide 8 ° taper and four different depths of cut (1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 mm).
Winter shoulders diamonds

Available for batch reductions of the front (8.0 mm) and rear (6.0 mm), the winter shoulder diamond bur is equipped with a multiple tip design and is said to virtually eliminate the normal chute and stair pedal end usually produced by the flat bottom Cone gears. Winter shoulder diamonds available in medium and fine grit.

Winter Deposit Refinement Instrument

According to reports, the new safe side and the cutting-edge design of the winter shoulder edge refinement instrument are conducive to the smooth preparation of high-quality production. The tip diameter is 0.6, 1.0 and 1.4 mm.

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