Brasseler USA introduces C-Series Carbides

This unique and durable comb structure is said to reduce breakage.

Brasseler USA, a leading manufacturer of quality inspection instruments, has expanded its extensive product lineup with its new C Series carbide cemented carbide burr. The classic Peter Brassler series, the newest member of the C-series carbides, aims to solve the first problem clinicians face when using carbide gear: breakage.

“Carbide tools traditionally use a two-piece design. Our new one-piece design improves head integrity, which is a major advance in the market,” said Larry Rose, Innovation Director at Brasseler USA.

The C Series is reported to have unique, durable, one-piece constructions for C Series carbides that improve patient care and reduce unpredictable dental handpiece repairs, improving the clinician’s daily operating procedures. In addition to the innovative one-piece solid carbide structure, C Series carbides are said to have an improved blade geometry that enables extremely fast and accurate cutting that meets the dental professional’s desired performance and quality from the Peter Brasseler range. .

The C Series carbides are now available for head sizes less than 1.6 mm and offer the most popular carbide carbide shapes including 330, 557, 245 and round.

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