Irvine, California and charlotte, north Carolina, a dental BIOLASE laser manufacturers and distributors, and the Italian dental equipment manufacturers Cefla dental group, have announced that they will sign a final agreement for three years.
The agreement will enable BIOLASE to become a distributor of the NewTom Cone 3d imaging products of the U.S. and Canada’s Cefla. Under the agreement, BIOLASE will be the sole distributor of dentists, dental schools and dental clinics, not exclusive dealers in other medical markets.
NewTom ‘s cone – beam – tomography is a compact version of the standard CT imaging, it USES the cone-shaped X-ray beam to obtain a large number of rays, the ray diagram can build the 3 d model of 3 d facial anatomy. Some advantages include less radiation, faster scanning time, and more comfortable patient experience than traditional CT scanners.
NewTom’s 3d imaging products are often used in complex dental cases, including periodontal disease, dental pulp and oral surgeons, requiring more and more accurate images. They are increasingly being used by GPS to implant implants. NewTom’s installation basics in North America and around the world are about 300 and 900, respectively.
Cefla dental NewTom imaging division, global managing director Sergio Ghezzi said, the company in 16000 client installed more than 19000 laser, the basis of brand identity and marketing expertise, on the basis of quality and performance, is the driving force of the agreement.
“We have made a firm commitment to build a strong competitor in North America’s 3d CBCT imaging market and to use BIOLASE as an ideal partner to achieve that goal,” Ghezzi said. “Working closely with BIOLASE, we believe we can keep growing in our NewTom U.S. business unit while making the dental community the world’s highest quality 3d imaging product.”
The operating results of BIOLASE 2011 will be announced
BIOLASE, chairman and chief executive Federico Pignatelli pointed out that the NewTom products with BIOLASE DaVinci dental supplies complement each other, and to provide wider and more comprehensive dental configuration choices, scope of performance and price point.
“NewTom CBCT is widely regarded as the best three-dimensional imaging unit in the world,” Pignatelli said.
“NewTom is a great brand, is one of the great technology and market leading products, it will increase our highly respected, well advanced imaging products and market leading diode laser and the whole organization. We named the integration of laser and imaging techniques “See More- do More”. “Dental professional 3 d imaging ability stronger, early diagnosis and more indications can be our water lase iPlus and iLase simply recognize and deal with laser technology, in many cases, don’t use anesthesia, it is a very way with biological significance.”
Pignatelli concluded: “the partnership of including choose other international markets, the two companies are very appropriate, should also provide us with a new and broad source of income, from periodontal, endodontics, oral surgery market.”