Applying GALAXY BioMill in your practice

The GALAXY BioMill is said to provide the best CAD / CAM technology and high-speed scanning capabilities to achieve perfect restoration beyond patient expectations.

Simplified Workflow: From scanning to design to milling, GALAXY BioMill uses 3Shape’s Dental SystemTM full profile and CAMBridgeTM
Software is said to be one of the best CAD/CAM software tools. With flexible software tools to adapt to each specific practice, it is a good choice to design and create instant fixes for patients.

Accurate Impressions: 3Shape TRIOS scanners are designed to capture vivid, accurate and interactive digital impressions. According to reports, TRIOS can combine tens of thousands of 3D images per second, creating dazzling interactive 3D presentations based on actual images rather than interpolated data.

Integrated Library: The GALAXY BioMill system’s digital design tools are said to have a wealth of dental indications and templates that can be used to construct and design perfect restorations.

Extensive Automation: The GALAXY BioMill system is designed to take full advantage of the full capabilities and automation of 3Shape CAMBridge software to detect margins, suggest insertion directions, and automatically perform many other labor-intensive tasks during design and export to increase productivity.

Direct output: According to reports, design files can be easily sent to GALAXY BioMill and manufactured in an instant. Provide restorative dentistry for the day and receive rewards that exceed patient expectations.

Optimized chair milling: According to reports, GALAXY BioMill covers an area of ​​small, on-board computers, touch screens and other user-friendly controls, optimized for dental practice, designed to provide laboratory-quality chairsides in a single patient visit The vision of the restoration.

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