AMD LASERS announces expansion into hard-tissue dental laser market

The new product has been approved by the FDA and can be used for cavity preparations, skeletal surgery and a large number of soft tissue operations.

AMD LASERS, the world’s leading soft tissue dental laser company, announced today that it will enter the hard tissue dental laser market.

The company announced a new dental laser at the November 29 meeting of the Greater New York Society. It entered the soft tissue laser market in 2009, and its Picasso laser series has been occupying a leading position in the market since then.

This new type of hard tissue laser has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and can be used for cavity preparation, skeletal surgery and a large number of soft tissue surgeries. Its volume and weight are much smaller, only half the price of some hard tissue lasers on the market.

Alan Miller, CEO and founder of AMD LASERS, said: “Our vision is to make it affordable for everyone and we have succeeded.” “Since we have brought them to market, our Picasso soft tissue lasers have taken over. The dominance of all other dental laser companies, there is no doubt that we will do the same in the area of ​​hard tissue. We launched Picasso and Picasso Lite, Laser Dental provides affordable solutions for each dental clinic to ensure the world Lasers can be placed in every operating room in the office, and with the new hard tissue, we continue to maintain this philosophy by providing general practitioners with a complete, cost-effective laser solution.

“The Picasso series of dental lasers are the most popular, the most popular, the most acclaimed and the most popular lasers in the dental field. We believe this new type of hard tissue laser will be the best complement to any dental practice. Our award-winning Customer service, comprehensive training programs and marketing packages will provide dentists with what they really want at an affordable price, and I think patients around the world are truly winners. ”

The new hard tissue laser includes additional items and services as part of the package. First of all, it is reported that it combines innovation with art and is smaller in volume and weight than other hard tissue lasers, and it is said that it can be easily adapted to any office. Second, as part of the package, each new owner will receive an all-day office training by a certified dental laser hygienist covering treatment planning and billing, laser safety, full office certification, and hands-on clinical training. In addition, the owner will receive full-time master’s training courses at one of the many training centers in the United States. According to reports, every practice using a new type of dental laser will feel comfortable and confident.

Finally, each package includes a comprehensive suite of advanced marketing packages, including a practice-focused marketing plan, personalized news releases, and patient-oriented marketing materials to increase patient awareness and provide All tools to sell laser dentistry efficiently and effectively.

“AMD LASERS is old and guilty,” said Dr. Ron Kami of HP, NY, one of the most important international instructors and trainers for hard tissue lasers. “First of all, they shocked the world by lowering the point of entry so that all dentists could afford it. Now they do this again for hard tissue lasers. I accepted the hard tissue lasers of other companies. The training was blown away and the new laser was blown away. It was compact, easy to use, with a huge leap forward in technology and user friendliness. Its cutting speed and reliability were several years earlier than other laser companies, and the price was only half that of other companies. It will undoubtedly become the bestseller bestseller, like Picasso. ”

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