Amabrush introduces fully-automatic toothbrush

The toothbrush is designed to be hands-free and cleans the entire mouth within 10 seconds.

At this year’s Midwinter Dental Conference in Chicago, the world’s first fully automatic toothbrush Amabrush was officially launched in the US market. Amabrush is a revolutionary hands-free toothbrush that can brush all teeth at the same time in just ten seconds. With one push of a button, the innovative Amabrush technology effectively cleans all teeth and gums, virtually eliminating the extra time and human error that is often encountered with traditional brushing methods.

Amabrush was originally conceived by a group of engineers and healthcare professionals in 2015. Their goal is to simplify tooth brushing procedures. The creator brought Amabrush to Kickstarter in July 2017 and received full funding within one hour.

“We all know that we need to brush our teeth. Whether we are brushing our teeth, not long enough to brush our teeth, or brushing our teeth incorrectly, many of us do not keep our teeth clean. The goal of Amabrush is to change this,” said Amabrush founder and CEO Marvin Musialek said. “At first, people were always skeptical about whether Amabrush was really good, but our ongoing clinical trials are yielding positive results and consistent feedback from users who are completely surprising and satisfied, clearly demonstrating evidence of effectiveness. .”

Amabrush multi-row soft anti-bacterial Amabrush bristles and gingival line 45 ° angle, simulation of the widely recommended method of brushing. The Amabrush has an amplitude of 9.5G and can generate a variety of vibrations that oscillate at different resonant frequencies to gently and effectively clean each quadrant of the mouth. Subtle vibrations oscillate the bristles, effectively removing plaque and bacteria on the teeth and gum lines. Unlike nylon bristles, soft Amabrush bristles gently wipe rather than scratch the surface, further eliminating any risk of damage to the teeth and gums.

Amabrush consists of three parts:

Antibacterial Mouthpiece – The integrated mouthpiece is made of a soft, antibacterial silicone material that prevents 99% of the bacteria found in the bristles. The strategically soft 3D bristles are gentle enough to prevent damage to the enamel and gums and are strong enough to thoroughly cleanse teeth and gums. Built-in microchannels are used to transport the ideal amount of specially formulated Amabrush toothpaste. Use a conventional wash method to clean the Amabrush mouthpiece just as you would with a regular toothbrush.
Handpiece – Amabrush head is magnetically attached to the mouthpiece. The handpiece acts as a dispenser for Amabrush toothpaste capsules and also has a unique Amabrush toothbrush technology. The handpiece is equipped with a built-in low-energy wireless charging module (Qi standard) and is equipped with Bluetooth® and Amabrush applications. A fully charged battery lasts about one month.
Toothpaste Capsules – Amabrush Toothpaste capsules are simply placed in the dental handpiece and the built-in mechanism can be foamed and the ideal amount of toothpaste is automatically delivered to the dental braces every time. FDA approved toothpaste is specially formulated for this system. Amabrush toothpaste provides whitening, sensitivity and extra freshness. A toothpaste capsule lasts up to one month.
Amabrush is easy to use:

Step 1 – Connect the handpiece to the mouthpiece

Step 2 – Insert the mouthpiece into the mouth and bite

Step 3 – Press the button on the handpiece to dispense toothpaste foam

Step 4 – Wait 10 seconds

Step 5 – Spit and Flush

“Although ten seconds might not sound like much, remember that every tooth is actually being cleaned during this time,” says Dr. Hady Haririan, Consultant and Dentist at Amabrush. “The brushing with a traditional toothbrush may last longer, but you do not brush your teeth immediately. Adults have 32 teeth and each tooth has three surfaces. If you brush for 120 seconds, each surface brush is only 1.25 seconds. Amabrush cleans you The surface of the teeth was ten seconds, which means that each tooth surface was brushed eight times, and the total time for brushing was increased by 12 times.

All Amabrush devices are equipped with acousto-optic indicators that provide a variety of alarms and messages, including current battery status, completed brushing procedures and operating errors. Users can further customize Amabrush by setting various vibration modes (such as glue massage and burst mode), configuring cleaning time, and more!

All Amabrush units can be equipped with carrying case for use at any time. What’s more, the Amabrush Tongue Cleaner also keeps the tongue smooth and clean. At the same time, there is an ultraviolet health station that can sterilize the two mouthpieces with ultraviolet rays (185 nm).

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