A game-changer for placing implants

A start-up company in Illinois promises to completely change the position of an ordinary dentist’s implant.

There are several obstacles that prevent ordinary dentists from integrating implant implants into their practice. The most important of these is time and money.

For those who lack the appropriate resources and understand how and when to invest the necessary resources, the road to implant dentistry can be dangerous, but a start-up company in Illinois is changing this.

ImplantWideTM is an instructional implant surgery center that, according to its website, “provides general dentists with quality continuing education in an open and guided environment for the placement and restoration of dental implants.”

“The truly revolutionary concept of the ImplantWide is that the only cost incurred by cooperating dentists is variable,” said Daniel A. “Danny” Bobrow, MBA, President of AIM Dental Marketing and Marketing Director of Implant Wide.

“Other training centers require a lot of upfront investment, and then the dentist must also invest in expensive equipment and inventory. This is not the case for Implant Wide,” Bobrow said.

Education options

ImplantWide has opened its first location in Schaumburg, Illinois, not far from O’Hare International Airport, and offers dentists and team members four different ways to gain the skills needed to confidently place implants. :
Scan – Scan the patient and return the scan results to the coworker to explain and prepare the treatment plan.

Scanning and Reporting – With its optimal analytical treatment presentation protocol, Implant Wide scans patients and shares comprehensive treatment recommendations with partner dentists to determine how best to place the implant.

Team – The dentist works with the ImplantWide surgeon for implant surgery. The partner dentist then puts whatever he or she wants on his or her patient and maintains the difference.

Solo – When the cooperating dentist has sufficient capacity and confidence, he/she uses the surgical center, only paying a modest facility cost, and any used implant (unless the co-dentist brings his or her own implant there There is no extra charge for this item, which is called their “no bottle opening fee” policy).
Regardless of the method chosen, co-operative dentists can obtain AGD Pace CE, which they work in at the factory every hour.

“This idea happened in my conversation with the plastic surgeon,” said James Chapko, founder of ImplantWide. “The surgeon never told their patients” to meet with me in my office for knee replacement. “On the contrary, the patient meets the surgeon in a hospital or surgeon where the surgeon is privileged. In addition to the cooperative dentist does not need to know how to implant the implant, the same is true of Implant Wide. If you are immersive and willing to participate in learning, you can be a partner. The dentist learns while studying. ”

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