3M introduces new fast-releasing fluoride varnish

The new rapid release of fluorine varnish has been developed, releasing most of the fluoride in the first two hours, providing a faster treatment for clinicians.
3 m oral care company, a fluoride paint manufacturers, introduced a rapid release of fluoride varnish and new flavors and a unit dose of tray, provide another choice for clinical doctors, to meet the needs of the patient. The new paint complements 3M’s disappearance of 5 per cent of sodium fluoride white varnish, a form of fluoride varnish that has been on the market for a decade. The formula for 3M’s disappearance is to protect the teeth more effectively, extend the release of fluorine and increase the tricalcium phosphate and durable coating. Although longer fluoride exposure is beneficial, some patients are not so compliant during the treatment process, so 3M oral care companies created 3 million quick release varnish.
3M’s quick release of varnish released most of the fluoride in the first two hours, so dental professionals can quickly protect patients who don’t always follow instructions. 22600 PPM of sodium fluoride, an almost invisible smooth coating, and interesting taste, including caramel, strawberries, and mint, a rapid release of 3 m varnish is for those patients who may need a shorter treatment time.
“My go-to varnish has been the vanishing white paint of 3M because it’s so durable, and the longer the fluoride is in contact with the tooth, the better,” said Kelli Swanson jaUNK, RDH. “However, some patients don’t like the taste or feel of fluoride treatment at all, and often quickly brush off or remove the coating.” The new 3M quick release varnish provides a similar alternative for clinicians. It has a fast fluoride release and smooth coating, so for some patients I know I’m giving them a quick protection they need.
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